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Welcome to Vixrapedia
the free resource of knowledge that anyone can edit.
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Vixrapedia is a resource for anybody to share their knowledge

Vixrapedia is a free and non-censored archive of knowledge specializing in the sciences where anybody can contribute. We provide an environment where alternative publishers and editors can find a space to share their ideas.

Vixrapedia is does not censor knowledge

We are different from other wiki websites such as Wikipedia in that we freely allow any to edit and create articles; see our Policy page for details. Neither are we affiliated with Vixra, but we especially encourage Vixra and other alternatively published scientists who find it difficult to present their ideas freely to contribute here in addition to publishing technical papers on Vixra or elsewhere.

Vixrapedia is archive of all knowledge

Please take a quick look at our Policy page to understand how we are different from conventional restrictive encyclopedias such as Wikipedia.

How to get started

You can search for an article and either create it if it doesn't exist, or start editing. To create a page, then you can start here:

To search for an article, the search box is at the top of page or you can also search here:

See Help:Editing for some editing examples.

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We at are proud to be a member of the community of organizations dedicated to open and censorship-free academia, education and research. Please spare some of your time learning about what our partners do.