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Who can edit?

Everybody is free to edit Vixrapedia as long as you abide by the following rules:

  • No illegal material. No obscene or offensive material.
  • No racism, sexism, nationalism, ableism, or any other discrimination.
  • Do not be mean to others. Serious misconduct or faults of character may be permitted as long as presented professionally, but do not be mean for no purposing.
  • Do not claim another's ideas as your own. Always cite your work when appropriate.
  • Be hesitant to delete what another person has written: instead, add your contribution and refer to what you believe to be wrong. We do not censor knowledge.

Because we do not censor knowledge, if we receive a complaint that content is deleted or vandalized for no reason, we will revert the content to what it was before. Contribute. Do not delete.


All material added here is your possession, but may be shared freely by others. If it is recorded here (or elsewhere) nobody can take that away from you, but you allow others to comment and contribute to it.

If you want to protect your ideas from change then you may please write a technical paper and submit it to Vixra first. We are not affiliated to Vixra, but there you may create a clear and visible statement of your ideas that cannot be altered. We recommend you do this, but please come here and share your ideas with everyone here too. If you feel your content is being mocked or stolen, then this is against the site rules above. Please contact us at and we will remedy this. Or else you may leave a message to us and we will take action to protect your contributions.