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What is Vixrapedia?

Vixrapedia is a site where everyone can contribute without censorship. We do not refuse knowledge unlike other websites like Wikipedia or arxiv. We are not affiliated with Vixra, but we share the same ideals of science without censorship by the inside club of mainstream academia.

We are free, but we do have a very small rules which you are pleased to read here. These are to protect contributors from malicious outside factors. You may also read about who we are here.

Why contribute here?

Here you will find no censorship of knowledge by people with power to refuse to accept the truth that will rock them from their comfortable positions. All knowledge is welcome here for the benefitment of mankind. If you have find refusal of your contributions from other amoral censored websites like Wikipedia and arxiv, then you are please to be welcomed here.

We will always be free and not for personal profit. All our content is free to be edit and viewed by everyone.