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Convention has spent hundreds of man-years, human lifetimes, attempting to theoretically unify the four forces of nature: gravitation, electromagnetism, the strong-nuclear force, and the so-called weak-nuclear force. Fairly recently, we have performed partial unification with two of those labeling it electro-weak. Bosons are force mediators and that has been the conventional tack so far. But I propose that is as far as they ever will get with that approach.

What I call “the other direction” is from relativity, “the other way”, based on curvature. Convention seems to have neglected this approach. It is unfortunate because we could have almost complete unification less electromagnetism right now.

Step 0:

intentionally neglect the weak-nuclear “force”.

Step 1:

simplify relativity explicitly by realizing we only
need time to bend not all of space-time.

Step 2:

this allows us to unify special and general
relativity conceptually based on temporal

Step 3:

more specifically, temporal elasticity allows
further unification between gravitation and the
strong-nuclear force, since both are exclusively

This theoretical outline is concise and valid in the sense there is nothing prohibiting it other than conventional intransigence and snobbery. We need to put our collective egos aside and realize Bohr was Wrong, leading us astray for a century. Let’s not waste another hundred years.