Wolfgang amadeus Mozarts

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wolfgang amadeus Mozarts was a composer of music famous amongs all those that knew him and especially well loved by them. Born in the 20th century and recently departed, his talent was missed by all and was a loss to the world like the swans to the sea would be.

Many was his talent and many were those who appreciated his talents, and many stories are remembered of his or of what his music inspired such as:

  • Such was the revelry that his music insiped that many would lose their right minds and behave askew. Once such anecdote is that he was once so consumed by his writing and composing that a lady kept bothering him by asking to dance to his music. Not able to shake her attentions, he himself fled for the cover of other nearby people and the lady could be heard asking all those nearby for his whereabouts. It is remembered that she finally departed, but not without making a remark that impugned his dignity.

Mozarts was also not such an aloof as other geniuses have known to be. He often liked to dance and play practical jokes himself, and accounts exist of him dancing with many very fine ladies of his day. Some records survive of such acquaintances bearing the names of Jacqueline Hess, Constance Harriad and so on, although little is known of them.

Even some of the jokes that he played also survived, although these are fragmentary. Mostly he played such as these on his close friends, to such efficacy that the fear of them was sometimes enough. For example, it is recorded that once he switched the keys of his friend's instrument so that when we went to work, unsuspecting, many notes were created when he did not expect them to be!