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The Appeals Group is the first port of call for users who wish to challenge the decisions made against them by the various committees on this website. We are here to give everyone a fair do. We will listen to all complaints and make a judgement, which will be to dismiss the complaint, overturn it, or to pass on judgement to a higher group.

In extraordinary cases, where the punishments are very great, or of a serious nature, the decisions of this group may be appealed, or passed on directly, to the Special Appeals Committee, who will decide with consultation with all the parties involved on whether to pass the appeal to the Extraordinary Appeals Group. This is so that all users, no matter how grave the offence, can be allowed have their opinions heard. Vixrapedia, being a fully open website for all uncensored knowledge, takes its responsibilities of punishment from right to edit very seriously. Your complaints will always be considered carefully, and not dealt as if it was unimportant an dealt with in an out-of-hand manner by somebody who makes up their mind in a biased way. We will take our time and you can be assured you will be heard.

To make your appeal, leave a message here.