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Ranking Category Title Authors Downloads Link
1 Chemistry Banana Peels Based Bio-Plastic Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Yehia Zakaria Arafa, Shady Essam Ramzy Taodharos 23794 1705.0164
2 History and Philosophy of Physics How to Reject any Scientific Manuscript Dieter Gernert 20762 0907.0020
3 Number Theory Cálculo de la Cantidad de Números Primos Que Hay Por Debajo de un Número Dado //// How to Calculate the Amount of Prime Numbers that Are Less Than a Given Number Germán Paz 18025 1306.0059
4 Quantum Physics Phase Velocity And Group Velocity For Beginners Rodolfo A. Frino 17273 1501.0170
5 Nuclear and Atomic Physics The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Nuclear Physics and the Substratum John Frederick Sweeney 17192 1310.0130
6 Data Structures and Algorithms Cloud Computing IAAS Slim hannachi 16951 1605.0018
7 Statistics Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Negative Binomial Distribution Stephen Crowley 16933 1211.0113
8 Social Science Functions of Communication: an Organizational Communication Case Ștefan Vlăduțescu 16429 1601.0201
9 Climate Research A Simple Method to Determine Surface Albedo Using Digital Photography Glen Gilchrist 16327 1110.0035
10 Geophysics High-Power Elf Radiation Generated by Modulated HF Heating of the Ionosphere Can Cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and Localized Heating Fran De Aquino 15164 1202.0044
11 Number Theory Elementary Proof of the Goldbach Conjecture Stephen Michael Marshall 14971 1702.0150
12 Classical Physics Lectures on Geometrical Optics for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam Anuj Kumar Dubey 14736 1608.0067
13 Data Structures and Algorithms A Unit Based Crashing Pert Network for Optimization of Software Project Cost Priti Singh, Florentin Smarandache, Dipti Chauhan, Amit Bhaghel 12785 1008.0032
14 Education and Didactics Viaţa e Tristă la Noi, în Schimb Salariul e Hazliu Florentin Smarandache 12617 1411.0203
15 Relativity and Cosmology Gravitational Time Dilation Explained For Beginners Rahul Garg 12153 1407.0092
16 Physics of Biology Masks Don’t Work: a Review of Science Relevant to Covid-19 Social Policy Denis G. Rancourt 11066 2006.0044
17 Number Theory Do You Know that the Digits Have an End? Mohamed Ababou 10600 1805.0207
18 Archaeology Petrie's Egyptian Core #7 - An Advanced Primitive Machining Explanation Joel M WIlliams 9782 1503.0182
19 Linguistics A Face pe Prostul la Timpul Potrivit Este Cea Mai Mare înţelepciune! (Vol. 12) editor Florentin Smarandache 8973 1504.0173
20 General Science and Philosophy Building a Prototype Prepaid Electricity Metering System Based on RFID Fawzi Al-Naima, Bahaa Jalil 8734 1208.0101
21 Social Science Vedic Mathematics 'vedic' or 'mathematics': a Fuzzy & Neutrosophic Analysis W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache 8562 1008.0068
22 Quantum Physics Principios DE TELEPORTACIÓN CUÁNTICA Leonel Pineda 8501 1205.0109
23 Relativity and Cosmology A Critical Analysis of Ligo's Recent Detection of Gravitational Waves Caused by Merging Black Holes Stephen J. Crothers 8392 1603.0127
24 Geometry Probleme de Geometrie și Trigonometrie, Compilate și Rezolvate, Ediția a II-a, Revăzută și Adăugită Florentin Smarandache 8035 1502.0061
25 Religion and Spiritualism Exploring the Lalitha Sahasranamam (Where Spirituality Guides Science) Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian 7828 1508.0041
26 Quantum Physics How Did Schrodinger Obtain the Schrodinger Equation? Xiuqing Huang 7752 1206.0055
27 Quantum Physics Classical Physics Versus Quantum Physics: an Overview Hardev Singh Virk 7748 1408.0241
28 Relativity and Cosmology Geodesic Equation in Spherical Surface R Santosh Kumar 7623 1404.0016
29 Classical Physics New Self-Propelled Penetration Bomb Alexander Bolonkin, shmuel Neumann 7412 1207.0013
30 Mathematical Physics Cylindrical Wave, Wave Equation, and Method of Separation of Variables Hamid V. Ansari 7310 0908.0045
31 Geometry Compiled and Solved Problems in Geometry and Trigonometry Florentin Smarandache 7216 1502.0026
32 Number Theory Irrationality of the Euler-Mascheroni Constant Andile Mabaso 7107 1208.0009
33 Geometry A Computational Study of Sofas and Cars Philip Gibbs 7096 1411.0038
34 Digital Signal Processing Shuffling Public Keys (A Peer-to-peer Voting Algorithm) Santi J. Vives 6959 1905.0239
35 Condensed Matter A Monte Carlo Implementation of the Ising Model in Python Alexey Khorev 6859 1710.0021
36 Data Structures and Algorithms Optimal Plant Layout Design for Process-focused Systems M. Khoshnevisan, Sukanto Bhattacharya, Florentin Smarandache 6787 1003.0135
37 Social Science Mormon Mafia & the JFK Assassination John F. Sweeney 6622 1401.0114
38 Geophysics Earth's Charge and the Charges of the Van Allen Belts Jacob Biemond 6607 1008.0071
39 Number Theory La Fonction Zêta de Riemann Arnaud Dhallewyn 6501 1406.0088
40 Number Theory Riemann Hypothesis and Conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Are False Chun-Xuan Jiang 6283 1203.0019
41 Quantum Gravity and String Theory The Photon Consists of a Positive and a Negative Charge Hans W Giertz 6034 1302.0127
42 Classical Physics A New Lagrangian of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator Faisal Amin Yassein Abdelmohssin 5872 1710.0064
43 Linguistics Fie Pâinea Cât de Rea, Tot ţi-O Fură Cineva! / Folclor Umoristic Internetist (Iii) editor Florentin Smarandache 5871 1307.0029
44 Digital Signal Processing A Brief Study on Human Bone Anatomy and Bone Fractures N.Umadevi, S.N.Geethalakshmi 5802 1208.0135
45 Functions and Analysis The Answers to Two Millennium Prize Problems Andrew Nassif 5776 1212.0137
46 Linguistics Mai Bine Burtos de la Bere, Decat Cocosat de la Munca! editor Florentin Smarandache 5768 1307.0164
47 General Science and Philosophy Aristóteles, Ética a Nicómaco, Libro II (1103a 14-1109b 29). Traducción Fenomenológica Con Introducción Y Notas Cristián De Bravo Delorme 5767 1409.0217
48 Linguistics Ai Carte, ai cu ce Să te ştergi la Fund! Folclor Umoristic Internetist (Vol. Xi) editor Florentin Smarandache 5702 1410.0172
49 Combinatorics and Graph Theory A Computer Program to Solve Water Jug Pouring Puzzles. Richard J. Mathar 5392 1509.0140
50 Relativity and Cosmology General Relativity: In Acknowledgement Of Professor Gerardus ‘t Hooft, Nobel Laureate Stephen J. Crothers 5294 1409.0072
51 Combinatorics and Graph Theory The Nine Dots Puzzle Extended to Nxnx…xn Points Marco Ripà, Pablo Remirez 5090 1307.0021
52 Quantum Gravity and String Theory Human Development and Life Stages General Systems Models John A. Gowan 5075 0911.0035
53 Quantum Physics The spdf Electron Orbital Model Parsed Joel M Williams 4995 1308.0130
54 Religion and Spiritualism Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian 4963 1702.0181
55 Classical Physics Generator Rossi: the Truth and Fiction Etkin V.A. 4927 1411.0029
56 Mathematical Physics Can Electromagnetic Scalar Waves be Radiated by a Metal Sphere? Giuliano Bettini 4887 1109.0034
57 Geophysics Eléments de Géodésie et de la Théorie Des Moindres Carrés Abdelmajid Ben Hadj Salem 4826 1511.0131
58 Astrophysics Newton's Formula of Universal Gravitation is Just Kepler's Third Law Hu Wang 4808 1210.0110
59 Quantum Physics Why does the Impossible Thrust work J.R. Croca, P. Castro, M. Gatta, L. Gurriana 4795 1706.0283
60 Number Theory Fermat's Last Theorem-a One Page Proof Shekman Arieh 4731 1204.0040
61 Classical Physics Equilibrium and Stability of the Upright Human Body Alexander Egoyan, Karlo Moistsrapishvili 4711 1302.0119
62 Digital Signal Processing An Analysis of Packet Fragmentation Attacks vs. Snort Intrusion Detection System Tian Fu, Te-Shun Chou 4708 1208.0111
63 Linguistics Cine Râde la Urmă e Mai încet la Minte. Folclor Umoristic Internetist (Ii) editor Florentin Smarandache 4708 1302.0096
64 Quantum Physics Derivation Of The Schwarzschild Without General Relativity Rodolfo A. Frino 4611 1512.0496
65 Quantum Physics Euler's Formula is the Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Quantum Physics Bichara Sahely 4588 1204.0102
66 Digital Signal Processing Computer Arithmetic of Geometrical Figures. Algorithms and Hardware Design. Solomon I. Khmelnik 4570 1310.0247
67 General Science and Philosophy A case study on Stuxnet and Flame Malware K F Morton, David Grace 4563 1209.0040
68 General Science and Philosophy Analysis of a Wind Turbine Blade Profile for Tapping Wind Power at the Regions of Low Wind Speed S. P. Vendan, S. Aravind Lovelin, M. Manibharathi, C. Rajkumar 4554 1208.0187
69 General Mathematics Mathematics Manuscript Irene Galtung 4552 1711.0129
70 Quantum Gravity and String Theory A Simple Newtonian Quantum Gravity Theory That Predicts the Same Light Bending as GR Espen Gaarder Haug 4551 1802.0169
71 Relativity and Cosmology Energy is Conserved in General Relativity Philip Gibbs 4534 1305.0034
72 Nuclear and Atomic Physics Brahma In Vedic Physics John Frederick Sweeney 4440 1404.0426
73 Number Theory A Proof of Riemann Hypothesis Using the Growth of Mertens Function M(x) Young-Mook Kang 4406 1003.0004
74 Astrophysics Stellar Metamorphosis: An Alternative for the Star Sciences Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski 4396 1303.0157
75 Data Structures and Algorithms Kalman Folding, Part 1 (Review Draft) Brian Beckman 4340 1606.0328
76 Geometry Noi Linii Concurente si un Nou Punct DE Intersectie Intr-un Triunghi Mircea Selariu 4331 1106.0057
77 Classical Physics Innovations and New Technologies Alexander Bolonkin 4285 1307.0169
78 Geophysics Caspian Seas Yu. N. Bratkov 4283 1211.0067
79 Mathematical Physics Unified Theory of Electrical Machines, a Philosophical Explanation to How a Universe Can be Created Just from Nothing Mourici Shachter 4256 1206.0066
80 Chemistry Accuracy of Computational Solvation Free Energies for Neutral and Ionic Compounds: Dependence on Level of Theory and Solvent Model Sierra Rayne, Kaya Forest 4159 1301.0177
81 Set Theory and Logic Solution to Collatz Conjecture Wilber Valgusbitkevyt 4138 1204.0011
82 Classical Physics Determination of Natural Frequency of Liquid Sloshing in Tanks of Various Shapes Yevgen Vasylenko 4096 1411.0596
83 General Mathematics A Various Method to Solve the Optimality for the Transportation Problem Shweta Singh, G. C. Dubey, Rajesh Shrivastava 4094 1405.0173
84 Quantum Physics Linear Polarization, Graphical Representation Kamal L Rajpal 4027 1303.0174
85 Biochemistry (Asea in DMD Version 1.0 26.05.2018 10 Pages) the Clinical and Biological Effects of Asea Ionized Water /"redox Supplement" (Co-Administered with L-Carnitine and Omega-3 Fatty Acids Plus Multivitamins Dietary Supplements) in a ~3-Year-Old Boy with D Andrei Lucian Dragoi 4002 1806.0354
86 Quantum Gravity and String Theory A New Perspective on Newtonian Gravity Espen Gaarder Haug 4002 1801.0371
87 General Science and Philosophy Heidegger Y Los "Cuadernos Negros": el Resurgimiento de la Controversia Nacionalsocialista Jesús Adrián Escudero 3967 1409.0228
88 Relativity and Cosmology A Nobel Laureate Talking Nonsense: Brian Schmidt, a Case Study Stephen J. Crothers 3921 1507.0130
89 Religion and Spiritualism Akshara – The Forgotten Periodic Table Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian, Gomathi Balasubramanian 3916 1507.0199
90 Astrophysics Dark Photons and Dark Matter Kamal L Rajpal 3906 1303.0207
91 Linguistics Cum îţi Aşterni, Cum Vine Altul şi se Culcă în Locul Tău! [folclor Umoristic Internetist (Vi)] editor Florentin Smarandache 3890 1402.0094
92 Classical Physics Hypersonic Ground Electric AB Engine Alexander Bolonkin 3865 1301.0043
93 Geometry Solved Problems of Geometry and Trigonometry for College Students. Florentin Smarandache 3850 1005.0053
94 Data Structures and Algorithms Critical Considerations for Developing MIS for NGOs Kailash Ch. Dash, Umakant Mishra 3816 1403.0940
95 General Science and Philosophy El Todo es lo no Verdadero. un Comentario a la Agonía Del Eros de Byung-Chul Han José Félix Baselga 3800 1409.0215
96 General Science and Philosophy La Visión Y Planes Geopolíticos de Simón Bolívar Análisis Original Y Documentado Guillermo A Rios 3795 1706.0031
97 General Science and Philosophy The Truth About Geometric Unity Jonathan Tooker 3773 1307.0075
98 Relativity and Cosmology The Shape of the Universe Gerd Pommerenke 3772 1310.0189
99 Relativity and Cosmology Pioneer 10 Anomaly, the Surprising Final Explanation Fabien Sabinet 3759 1904.0121
100 Number Theory Relationship Between Irrational Constants Phi and e (Including New Equations, Possible Implications) Prateek Goel 3749 1110.0045
101 Relativity and Cosmology Hypothesis of Dark Matter and Dark Energy with Negative Mass Hyoyoung Choi 3692 0907.0015
102 Digital Signal Processing Analytical Study on Manual vs. Automated Testing Using with Simplistic Cost Model V. N. Maurya, Rajender Kumar 3685 1208.0216
103 Number Theory About Counterexample of Fermat's Last Theorem and Beal's Conjecture Quang Nguyen Van 3676 1701.0397
104 Number Theory A Proof of the Goldbach Conjecture Julien Laurendeau 3672 1305.0143
105 Algebra Algebraic Problems and Exercises for High School (Sets, Sets Operations, Relations, Functions, Aspects of Combinatorics) Ion Goian, Raisa Grigor, Vasile Marin, Florentin Smarandache 3649 1507.0148
106 Quantum Physics Tempus Edax Rerum Jonathan Tooker 3644 1209.0010
107 Relativity and Cosmology Proof of Geocentric Theory E. A. Abdo 3632 1509.0148
108 Data Structures and Algorithms Polynomial 3-SAT-Solver Matthias Mueller 3609 1212.0109
109 Relativity and Cosmology Reductio ad Absurdum. Modern Physics' Incomplete Absurd Relativistic Mass Interpretation Espen Gaarder Haug 3605 1612.0249
110 Nuclear and Atomic Physics Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the BSM - Supergravitation Unified Theory Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev 3598 1112.0043
111 High Energy Particle Physics The Periodic Table of Subatomic Particles Jeff Yee 3575 1509.0037
112 Functions and Analysis Gauss-Laguerre and Gauss-Hermite Quadrature on 64, 96 and 128 Nodes Richard J. Mathar 3572 1303.0013
113 Relativity and Cosmology General Relativity – A Theory in Crisis Stephen J. Crothers 3564 1207.0018
114 Linguistics Decât Repede şi Bine, Mai Degrabă încet şi Prost, Folclor Umoristic Internetist (Ix), editor Florentin Smarandache 3559 1407.0202
115 Quantum Physics Einstein was Likely Right: “God Does Not Play Dice” Does Randomness Break Down at the Planck Scale ? Espen Gaarder Haug 3532 1712.0079
116 Data Structures and Algorithms A Study of Information Security in E- Commerce Applications Mohammed Ali Hussain 3521 1405.0049
117 General Mathematics A Simple and Intuitive Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-Roselló 3516 1312.0082
118 Mind Science Magnetospheric Consciousness Matti Pitkänen 3502 0908.0025
119 General Mathematics A Mathematical Approach to Simple Bulls and Cows Namanyay Goel, Aditya Garg 3489 1601.0302
120 Nuclear and Atomic Physics Rossi�s Reactors Reality or Fiction? Ludwik Kowalski 3489 1103.0080
121 General Science and Philosophy Experimental Work on Horizontal Axis PVC Turbine Blade of Power Wind Mill H. S. Patil 3481 1208.0198
122 History and Philosophy of Physics Beyond Science and Technology Acharya Sennimalai Kalimuthu 3461 1402.0169
123 Algebra A Real Explanation for Imaginary Eigenvalues and Complex Eigenvectors Eckhard Hitzer 3450 1306.0113
124 Classical Physics Эволюция материи A.V.Veselov 3438 1402.0039
125 Number Theory The More Simple Proof of Fermat Last Theorem Chun-Xuan Jiang 3434 1210.0027
126 Condensed Matter Electrical Conductivity of Metals: a New Look at This Subject P. R. Silva 3433 1209.0071
127 Relativity and Cosmology Black Hole Escape Velocity - a Case Study in the Decay of Physics and Astronomy Stephen J. Crothers 3396 1508.0066
128 Functions and Analysis The Riemann Hypothesis Michael Atiyah 3371 1809.0481
129 Linguistics Dovada Supremă Că Există Fiinţe Inteligente în Afara Pământului Este Că nu au încercat Să ne Contacteze! editor Florentin Smarandache 3371 1407.0013
130 High Energy Particle Physics Foot Step Power Generation Using Piezoelectric Transducer Abdul Kalam, Akash singh, Sachin Yadav, Kuldeep Yadav 3362 1704.0276
131 Number Theory A Potential Elementary Proof Of The Riemann Hypothesis Angel Garcés Doz 3346 1311.0112
132 General Science and Philosophy Modelling and Simulation of Plate Heat Exchanger Naseem Ahmad Khan, Wasi ur Rahman 3325 1208.0174
133 Relativity and Cosmology Ontological Physics Jonathan Tooker 3294 1312.0168
134 Mind Science Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms Matti Pitkänen 3273 0908.0024
135 Digital Signal Processing A Study on Digital Forensics Standard Operation Procedure for Wireless Cybercrime Yun-Sheng Yen, I-Long Lin, Annie Chang 3261 1208.0120
136 History and Philosophy of Physics From Ancient Africa Frank Dodd Tony Smith Jr 3247 0907.0040
137 Number Theory (This Paper Has Been Withdrawn by the Author) Germán Paz 3175 1211.0115
138 Classical Physics Twisted Radio Waves and Twisted Thermodynamics Laszlo B. Kish, Robert D. Nevels 3174 1209.0107
139 General Science and Philosophy Study on Fuel Properties of Various Vegetable Oil Available in Bangladesh and Biodiesel Production Md. Abdul Wakil, Z.U. Ahmed, Md. Hasibur Rahman, Md. Arifuzzaman 3172 1208.0190
140 Classical Physics The Birth of New Technology, Water Fuel Cell Stanley A. Meyer 3168 0811.0001
141 Digital Signal Processing DSP Based Real Time Implementation of ac-DC-ac Converter Using SPWM Technique Umashankar S, Mandar Bhalekar, Surabhi Chandra, Vijayakumar D, Kothari D P 3143 1405.0087
142 Quantitative Biology A Simple Way to Determine the Sex of One-Day Poultry Chickens (Basic Principles) Yakov Gershman 3124 1405.0016
143 Social Science Există O Lume Mai Bună, Dar Este Foarte Scumpă. Folclor Umoristic Internetist (Xiii), Florentin Smarandache 3122 1511.0033
144 General Mathematics A Simple Proof of Bernoulli's Inequality Sanjeev Saxena 3118 1205.0068
145 Relativity and Cosmology The Phoenix Theory of the Universe Michael J Savins 3114 1103.0102
146 Digital Signal Processing Implementation of Graphical Equalizer using LabVIEW for DSP Kit DSK C6713 T Sreekanth Rao, B Prathyusha, P Nagarjuna Reddy 3112 1206.0042
147 Relativity and Cosmology A Few Things You Need to Know to Tell if a Nobel Laureate is Talking Nonsense Stephen J. Crothers 3110 1507.0067
148 Quantum Physics What is Electron Spin? Kamal L Rajpal 3108 1306.0141
149 Quantum Physics Operating System for Quantum Computing George Rajna 3102 1505.0027
150 Biochemistry The Role of Bioinformatics in Protein-Protein Interaction Study Arli Aditya Parikesit 3089 1308.0114
151 General Science and Philosophy Impact of Video Games on Manual Dexterity Glen Gilchrist 3083 1203.0032
152 Relativity and Cosmology On the Relativistic Forms of Newton's Second Law and Gravitation Mohammad Bahrami, Mehdi Zareie, Davood Hashemian 3036 1502.0075
153 Relativity and Cosmology Black Hole and Big Bang: A Simplified Refutation Stephen J. Crothers 3007 1306.0024
154 Chemistry Sustainable and Ecological Finishing Technology for Denim Jeans Elias Khalil 2975 1507.0070
155 General Mathematics Calculating Popularity Using a Simple Algorithm Gananath R, Sreenath R 2950 1312.0052
156 Chemistry A Kinetic Basis for the Hansch Equation Sosale Chandrasekhar 2941 1602.0032
157 Astrophysics Intrinsic Plasma Redshifts Now Reproduced In The Laboratory � a Discussion in Terms of New Tired Light. Lyndon Ashmore 2920 1105.0010
158 Statistics A Critique of Gy’s Sampling Theory D.S. Dihalu, B. Geelhoed 2916 1203.0081
159 Combinatorics and Graph Theory Polynomial Algorithms for Shortest Hamiltonian Path and Circuit Dhananjay P. Mehendale 2901 1304.0002
160 General Mathematics La Naturaleza Trans-Pitagórica de los Números Primos Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-Roselló 2900 1407.0014
161 Classical Physics Эзотерика Эфира (парафизика) Brazhnik Gennadyi 2898 1609.0094
162 General Science and Philosophy Platón Y Sócrates, Psicagogos Las “palabras Mágicas” de Sócrates Y la Cura Del Alma (Cármides 157a) Jaume Mensa Valls 2892 1409.0225
163 Archaeology A Critique of Middle-Range Theory in Archaeology Christopher D. Pierce 2882 1201.0059
164 Digital Signal Processing Design of Cic Compensation Filter for Decimation Filter Seema chaudhary, S.K.Singh2, Nishant Tripathi3 2837 1405.0053
165 Relativity and Cosmology El Principio de Equivalencia y las Ecuaciones de Einstein Xavier Terri Castañé 2834 1510.0135
166 Classical Physics Energy Transfers from Airborne Wind Turbine: Review and Comparison of Airborne Turbines. Bolonkin Alexander 2830 1304.0159
167 Astrophysics Astrophysics at Home. Micrometeorites. Giuliano Bettini 2823 1102.0022
168 Quantum Physics A Very Brief Introduction To Clifford Algebra Stephen Crowley 2819 1203.0011
169 Thermodynamics and Energy The Laws Of Relativistic Quantum Thermochemistry Daniel Cordero Grau 2813 1407.0154
170 Physics of Biology Quantum Hardware of Living Matter Matti Pitkänen 2807 0908.0022
171 General Mathematics Problems with and Without ... Problems! Florentin Smarandache 2796 1101.0083
172 Number Theory Proof of Riemann Hypothesis Choe Ryujin 2777 1710.0048
173 Statistics Exponential Hawkes Processes Stephen Crowley 2776 1211.0094
174 Mind Science Does Lateral Specialization in the Brain Arise from the Directionality of Processes and Time? Jonathan J. Dickau 2769 0907.0052
175 Geometry A Circle Without Pi O. V. Vijimo 2762 1308.0126
176 Mind Science TGD and EEG Matti Pitkänen 2762 0908.0028
177 Quantum Physics Dimensionless Physical Constant Mysteries Ke Xiao 2760 1205.0050
178 Classical Physics Reentry of Space Craft to Earth Atmosphere Alexander Bolonkin 2739 1212.0003
179 Relativity and Cosmology The Deduction of the Lorentz Transformations in 1905 Valdir Monteiro dos Santos Godoi 2735 1404.0039
180 General Mathematics Tensor Calculus Taha Sochi 2690 1610.0148
181 Religion and Spiritualism A Comparative Study of 10(11) D Superstring Theory And The 10(11) Sefirot in the Tree of Life Metaphor of the Hebrew Kabbalah Richard L. Amoroso 2689 1305.0112
182 Nuclear and Atomic Physics Matter-Antimatter GeV Gamma Ray Laser Rocket Propulsion Friedwardt Winterberg 2686 1201.0026
183 Mind Science TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness Matti Pitkänen 2680 0908.0027
184 Digital Signal Processing Ber Performance of Ofdm System with 16-Qam and Varying Length of Guard Interval Amandeep Singh Sappal, Parneet Kaur 2677 1208.0091
185 Quantum Physics The Gravitational Constant and the Planck's Units: A Simplification of the Quantum Realm Espen Gaarder Haug 2677 1603.0207
186 Mathematical Physics 3x3 Unitary to Magic Matrix Transformations Philip Gibbs 2659 0907.0002
187 Functions and Analysis P vs NP Graphed Andrew Nassif 2648 1301.0010
188 Mind Science Emergence of a New Type of Life and Alive Creature from Mixing Cells of Plants and Animals Alireza Sepehri 2647 1903.0338
189 High Energy Particle Physics Physical Model of a Real Photon with Substructure and Mass Kenneth D. Oglesby 2632 1609.0359
190 Relativity and Cosmology Guide to Dynamical Space and Emergent Quantum Gravity: Experiments and Theory Reginald T. Cahill 2620 1603.0389
191 General Science and Philosophy Magnetic Scalar Field Generator Vitaliy Zamsha, Vladimir Shevtsov 2609 1804.0308
192 Digital Signal Processing Smart Irrigation :Iot Based Irrigation Monitoring System Shaif Chowdhury, Soummyo Priyo Chattopadhyay, Avijit Ghose 2602 1712.0438
193 Digital Signal Processing Kernel based Object Tracking using Colour Histogram Technique Prajna Parimita Dash, Dipti patra, Sudhansu Kumar Mishra, Jagannath Sethi 2597 1208.0161
194 Physics of Biology Bio-Systems as Self-Organizing Quantum Systems Matti Pitkänen 2589 0908.0021
195 Classical Physics Electric Current Similar to Water Current Hamid V. Ansari 2569 0908.0056
196 History and Philosophy of Physics Why Base 60 John Frederic Sweeney 2563 1407.0062
197 Functions and Analysis Real Numbers in the Neighborhood of Infinity Jonathan W. Tooker 2540 1811.0222
198 Biochemistry Proteins and Genes, Singletons and Species Branko Kozulic 2528 1105.0025
199 Astrophysics Kepler's Constant in Earth-Moon System is Gradually Decreasing Hu Wang 2501 1212.0118
200 Relativity and Cosmology Theory of Everything (Toe) = Philosophy of Everything (Phioe) + Physics of Everything (Phyoe) :Towards Its Elucidation (Part 1) (Part 2 Is: Vixra 1709.0071v3) Abed Peerally 2489 1605.0239
201 Combinatorics and Graph Theory De Bruijn's Combinatorics J.W.Nienhuys (Ling-Ju Hung, Ton Kloks eds.) 2484 1208.0223
202 Astrophysics Grand Design, Intelligent Designer, or Simply God: Stephen Hawking and His Hoax V. Christianto 2479 1009.0022
203 Mind Science Mathematical Aspects of Consciousness Theory Matti Pitkänen 2476 0908.0026
204 Classical Physics The Study of Electromagnetic Processes in the Experiments of Tesla B. Sacco, A.K. Tomilin 2467 1210.0158
205 Digital Signal Processing Comparative Evaluation of SPWM Based 3 Level And 5 Level NPC Inverters with Reduced Switching Stress Nanditha Sundaresan, Harisankar M A, Noby George, TVVS Lakshmi, Umashankar S, Kothari D P 2465 1405.0082
206 Artificial Intelligence Fabric Inspection System using Artificial Neural Networks P. Banumathi, G. M. Nasira 2463 1208.0110
207 Digital Signal Processing Study and Implementation of Image and Video Matting Techniques Siddharth Srivastava, Aditya Rastogi, Jasdeep Singh Khurana, Shailly Bhati 2450 1308.0085
208 Number Theory The Infinite Sum Series Mihir Kumar Jha 2450 1807.0099
209 Number Theory Cicada Rsa NPQ Ricardo Gil 2447 1604.0255
210 General Science and Philosophy Assessment of Dissolved Salts Concentration of Seawater in the Vicinity of Karachi A. Q. Jakhrani, S. R. Samo, Z. A. Siyal, Habibur Rahman Sobuz, Md. Alhaz Uddin, M. J. Ahsan, Noor Md. Sadiqul Hasan 2446 1405.0150
211 Geometry Cardinal Functions and Integral Functions Mircea Selariu, Florentin Smarandache, Marian Nitu 2442 1202.0032
212 Thermodynamics and Energy “The Theory of Heat Radiation” Revisited: A Commentary on the Validity of Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission and Max Planck’s Claim of Universality Pierre-Marie Robitaille, Stephen J. Crothers 2442 1502.0007
213 Astrophysics Quark Matter in the Solar System: Evidence for a Game-Changing Space Resource T. Marshall Eubanks 2440 1312.0190
214 General Science and Philosophy The 5th Dimension Conceptual Model, Unabridged Luis Sancho 2435 1401.0052
215 Functions and Analysis Derivation of the Limits of Sine and Cosine at Infinity Jonathan W. Tooker 2418 1806.0082
216 Chemistry Chemical Constituents of the Different Anatomical Parts of the Oil Palm (Elaeis Guineensis) for Their Sustainable Utilization S. Saka, M.V. Munusamy, M. Shibata, Y. Tono, H. Miyafuji 2417 1411.0089
217 Relativity and Cosmology Towards a More Realistic Gravitomagnetic Displacement Drive Paul Karl Hoiland 2387 1111.0044
218 High Energy Particle Physics Particle Energy and Interaction: Explained and Derived by Energy Wave Equations Jeff Yee 2382 1408.0224
219 Classical Physics Permanent Magnet Generator - The Energy Source of the Future Laszlo Varadi 2371 1511.0252
220 Classical Physics Singularity, Universe, Matter, Time / Сингулярность, Вселенная, материя, время Robert Yusupov 2367 1511.0200
221 Relativity and Cosmology Criticism of the Foundations of the Relativity Theory S.N. Arteha 2355 1201.0082
222 Astrophysics The General Theory of Stellar Metamorphosis, Version 5 Jeffrey Joseph Wolynski, Barrington James Taylor 2344 1711.0206
223 Data Structures and Algorithms The Intractability of Quantum Computation Daniel Cordero Grau 2334 1310.0006
224 Set Theory and Logic Some Characterisations of α-Cut in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory V. Veeramani, Roque Batulan 2334 1004.0112
225 Relativity and Cosmology New Ether Theory Mr ether 2328 1708.0318
226 Linguistics Viaţa e Tristă la Noi, în Schimb Salariul e Hazliu (Bancuri) Florentin Smarandache 2327 1211.0118
227 Statistics Degrees of Freedom: A Correction to Chi Square For Physical Hypotheses John Michael Williams 2326 1008.0044
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