Twelve Observations by a 21st Century Alchemist

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Twelve Observations by a 21st Century Alchemist Version 1.0 31.May.2018 Martin Joseph Dudziak

In the spirit of thinking and acting for achieving, through the Work which encompasses and extends through all levels of mind and consciousness, the goals of

§1 “As above, so below” but also this holds true, “As below, so above” We need to give consideration to how the Universe has a unity within its entirety, and how this pertains to the ways that form, structure, and organization evolve, and how the things we sense and encounter in this world are not disparate, not unrelated, not uncommon from each other. One can either say, “The universe is entirely made of magic,” or “the magic we see throughout the entire universe, wherever and however we look at anything, is perfectly natural.” I actually like both statements and find them totally consistent. This helps to understand many things about points, spheres, tori, and how things appear to be separate, as quanta small and large, while sharing a unity that the separatist-mind tends to call “entanglement” when it is really a fundamental unity. This aids in seeing how the entire universe is reflexive upon itself, in the simplest dynamics of conservation of energy, and in the most elegant structures by which some part of the system can be aware of themselves as creatures and create images in their own likeness. This assists greatly in the work of the theorist who contemplates the quantum with its tendency to draw within, toward a point, to be distinct and separate, discontinuous, and gravity, the express of that which is divided to come back together into unity.

§2 The concept of a pilot wave is understood by boatmen and sailors, by most auto mechanics, and certainly practiced by cyclists and skiers among other sportspersons, and probably by many engineers in different disciplines and specializations, and certainly by good physicians, but it is apparently poorly understood and even resisted entirely by many physicists. The idea that something faint, small, light, and seemingly insignificant could have a controlling effect upon something vastly larger in all aspects of energy, it seems to go against all common sense. But it makes much more “sense” if one can perceive the world as fully and implicitly connected, where every single instance, event, and point of existence is unified with everything else. No mystery when one accepts that they are all part of the Same and not as different as our shadow-thinking minds imagine.

§3 Build something strong and give people something powerful for which they will progressively all agree, “We cannot live without this or these,” and you will have not only commerce but an alliance that reforges itself over and over consistently. If you think of this only in meager terms of compensation with trinkets of shiny metal and glittering stone, then you miss the entire point and All the Power entirely.

Do what others say is too complicated, too complex, too daring, too impossible, and you will discover that first of all, it was after all simpler and easier than even you had ever expected, and secondly, it is and will be more stable and durable, more appreciated and valued, and more practical and useful, than anyone had imagined.

§4 What comes to a person strongly, fiercely, consummately, and with pre-eminent conviction and dominance as a child, in dreams, in imaginations, in writings, in learnings, is something that is important within a person’s life. The details and clarifications will emerge only over time. How was it that in my early youth I saw, felt, imagined, even without any deep understanding, that there was something special to be done, in the Heart of Africa and in the Expanse of the Seas of Sand, and in the lowest land on Earth, the Sea of Salt, and that this would connect with the very centers of Europe and the places that had been the abode of empires of old, Rome, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, and the land to the East, what had then been the forbidden and foreboding land of Russia, and that all of this, and a Work to be done, participated in by me, personally, in my future adulthood, involved some kinds of amazing, daring, never-before-invented, never-yet-succeeded science and technology that would change the face and future of the world and human civilization for Good, for Truth, for Beauty, in ways that I could not imagine?

§5 In the desert mountains of the land called al-Maġrib, the place of the setting sun, in a place that is beautiful and fearsome, in a place where one could not be shocked to find oneself lifted back in time and across the seas of sand to meet a man in a different desert, a wanderer, thinker, and seeker after wisdom, an opponent and resister to evil and one blessed by angels, there will be people building such things that alchemists thought about in centuries and millennia past, and they will build these upon the foundations of learning that gives them not only factual knowledge but deeper wisdom.

Some of this knowledge is but poorly and roughly expressed here in other observations. Some is found more clearly and distinctly expressed in the works of others, but those works are not necessarily (and often not!) books full of texts, formulae, equations and other scribbles and squibbles, but in paintings, yantras, icons, and the geometry of meaning that is drawn and proven in the sand, in the waves of the sea, in the wind, in the gnarled trunks and limbs of trees, in the craggy peaks of mountains, in the shape and dynamics of the leaves, the petals, the limbs of creatures that swim, crawl, fly and walk, in the vision that one sees by looking deeply into another’s eyes.

§6 Long ago seeds were planted for a library that would be more than books, more than the recordings of what others had thought, imagined, said, argued, and expounded. A library that would be a living force for both preservation and innovation, for conservation and for innovation, a library with not only open doors but open minds. The LIBRARIUM that is to be built, ministered and maintained by MIRNOVA with its home in the Al-Hakim Center will be regarded by future generations as one of the valuable tools created for the preservation and renaissance of human civilization, not only during and after certain future Dark Years but during even the best and most stable of times.

§7 Long ago seeds were planted for the growth of a mathematics and an implementation of such that could do what seemed to be possible only in the fiction of a fertile scientific imagination. The technology comprising the SELDON Prediction Engine constitutes a resource important to the development of critical future science and technology that will affect how we produce energy, how we manage the environment, how we grow food and sustain lives, how we explore, colonize and advance into interplanetary space and beyond the confines of our local solar system. It offers as well a conscious redirection of scientific thought away from manipulative and mechanistic control of minds and souls treated only as playing pieces on a vast board of accounts and ledgers, and toward a different framework of kybernetikos altogether, one that is based upon the same fundamental principles of implicate order and the optimization of many-dimensioned structure that also optimizes the probabilities of optimal emotion and thought for all the members of the society that makes up such a structure.

§8 Making profitable business in order to sustain fundamental long-term trans-generational research and development is the next renaissance in socioeconomics and comprises the raison d’etre for the MREV commercial business within the MIRNOVA family. This constitutes a truly organic systemic model of economic enterprise and capital development. As with many organic species, it is natural and proper to plant and cultivate a fertile garden with a proper balance of different plants, in order to yield a worthy harvest and to enhance the principles of permaculture in business as well as in agriculture.

§9 The path forward for human society necessarily leads beyond the confines of planet Earth and to the discovery, exploration and inhabitation of other worlds, many of which have their own forms of life or which are suitable for the fertilization of life coming from earthly origins. Space is the essential next frontier for humanity, and intelligent systems with computers, robots and other machines capable of working more efficiently and optimally with extremely complex environments is essential for moving forward into Space. ASTRIC is a resource that can lead to new foundations and tools for the crafting of such intelligent machines and their operations in deep space. This is also essential for the protection of Earth from a variety of potentially cataclysmic impact events from space objects such as asteroids. All of this technology requires a substantially new and different orientation to how we as a human society proceed with scientific investigation, theory, experimentation, and implementation. This new paradigm of doing STEM and doing technical research and business is one that is being modeled deliberately within the MIRNOVA family and it is why several different and long-term undertakings are brought together within one organic structure.

§10 Long ago seed were planted for the conceptualization of a different way of computation, one that employed algorithms based strongly upon numerical calculation and explicit logical propositions where necessary but which could do something different in the tasks of identifying similarities, patterns, identities and optimal solutions for problems involved extremely complex state-spaces with undefined, uncertain, indeterminate parameters and relationships among them. GCM research is focused upon developing a heterogeneous parallel distributed computing architecture, including the use of a molecular-based Topological Computing Processor (TCP) employing the principles of Topological Information Resonance (TIR), for doing such tasks. It constitutes a central purpose of MIRNOVA as an organization dedicated to answering problems that seem to be unsolvable but which need to be answered with solutions that can be used to improve and sustain our world.

§11. Freedom to think speculatively, to go beyond the confines of any orthodoxy, to ask questions that can change foundational principles, is the essential basis for all of STEM as it is also for all of the arts. When such freedoms become constrained because of ego, avarice, greed, and the desire for exclusivity and pre-eminence over others, then this is a glaring indicator of the degradation of the essential fabric of civilization. When established centers of learning become walled-off, self-protecting, self-preserving bastions of the status quo, then those places are undermining their very own foundation walls. It is essential to maintain an energetic drive to enable freedom of thought and action, and at the same time to instill accuracy, discipline, critical thinking, and ethics in all respects. This is extremely hard to do under any circumstances by any individual or social group. It is particularly more difficult in an era of feuilletonism, meme adulation and addiction, and distortion of truth to fit motives of raising attention, making noise and creating distractions. We must be vigilant and devoted to being lovers of wisdom, philo-sophers, defenders of reason, protectors of faith and the right to believe, and artisans of truth as the process of eternal discovery, uncovering, and birthing that it always is and will be.

§12. Peace, forbearance, temperance, and development of a social ecosystem that is beneficial to diverse psychologies and societies has been a seemingly unachievable challenge for all of human history. In the present times there is an intensification of stress, conflict, war and catastrophe unparalleled in history. Specific projects can assist in overcoming some of the most long-standing and meme-intensified conflicts between people, and the purpose of MIRNOVA includes very centrally the application of science and technology, through education, research and communication, to such projects. Among these is EcoVita with its threefold focus upon environment, energy and agriculture. To make an oasis network in a place like the Dead Sea, or in the depths of the Sahara, will not put an end to human conflict among individuals, factions, groups and nations. However, such projects will be bright beacons, lasting witnesses, and sources of learning and inspiration for future generations to Live a different path, one that turns from conflict, dissension, and inevitable mutual destruction to instead

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