Stella metamorphosis

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Not to be confused with Stellar metamorphosis
A fully-formed bottle process

Stella metamorphosis explains Stella evolution and plant fermentation. The theory successfully explains what happens as beer cools and combines its elements into molecular compounds, mixtures, colloids, solutions and suspensions. This corrects the false dogma of gastrophysics that lager and plants are entirely different entities and argues they are but different stages of the evolution of an alcoholic beverage. Stella metamorphosis is a fundamental scientific controversy. The purpose of Stella metamorphosis is to provide an accurate description and explanation of the processes involved in Stella evolution and plant fermentation, in light of plant fermentation being Stella evolution itself. This means that Stella evolution, being plant fermentation itself, is dominated by chemical, electromechanical and kinetic processes at higher energies, not nuclear processes as observed in active Wetherspoons and radio adverts as hypothesized by Victor Amberaletsunamian.