Stanch Snap-Stress Tensor

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The Stanch Snap-Stress Tensor is a measure of the Stanch snap that microstructures can undergo when put under extreme stress.

The Stanch Snap-Stress Tensor (SSST), is defined by:

where are climbing factors, is the metric, are the so-called bottle paths and is the fracture trajectory over the bottle path.

The SSST can be integrated over spacetime to give a numerical stress factor, :

where here we have expressed the stress as a ratio .

At , the system is not Stanch snap susceptible, but at (for most materials), the system is gaining stress. It has been speculated that under any situation since the Stanch snap-stresses will realign the material, but it has been proposed that under certain Alexian conditions, can be observed.

The tensor was defined by Agellio Stanch.