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Scott Todd is a Scottish-Austrian theoretical physicist renowned for his pioneering work on sound clocks, brane surgery and Hengle conditions in Freshmanian geometry. He maintains an interest in quantum graphity models, especially in the formation of so-called "brown holes" in lattice spacetime models.

Early Life[edit]

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Todd spent his formative years in Penicuik, Elgin and later in Melbourne, Austria. During his brief but rewarding Austrian Amateur Wrestling career, he went under the nom-de-lutte "Scott from Scotland", occasionally also wrestling as "The Ogre". He was an extra in Trainspotting 2, giving him an Erdos-Bacon number of 7.

After graduating with honours from the Melbourne Institute of Technology, he began work on statistical models for black holes under the supervision of Tree Professor. This would lead him down the road of constructing analogue descriptions of spacetime which would allow the incorporation of quantum phenomena into otherwise intractable problems.

Sound Clocks[edit]

Sound propagation wi`in certain non-relativistic condensed maiter models obeys a relativistic wave equation despite sic systems admitting entirely non-relativistic descriptions. A natural quaistion that arises upon consideration o' this is, “do devices exist that wull experience th' relativity in thae systems?” we describe a thought experiment in whilk ‘acoustic observers’ possess devices cried sound clocks that kin be connected tae form chains. Canny investigation shows that appropriately constructed chains o' stationary 'n' movin` sound clocks ur perceived by observers oan th' ither chain as undergoing th' relativistic phenomena o' length contraction 'n' time dilation by th' lorentz factor, 𝛾 , wi' 𝑐 th' speed o' sound. Sound clocks wi`in movin` chains actually tick less frequently than stationary ones 'n' mist be separated by a shorter distance than whin stationary tae satisfy simultaneity conditions. Stationary sound clocks appear tae be length contracted 'n' time dilated tae movin` observers due tae thair misunderstanding o' thair ain state o' motion wi' respect tae th' laboratory. Observers restricted tae usin` sound clocks describe a universe kinematically consistent wi' th' theory o' special relativity, despite th' preferred frame o' thair universe in th' laboratory. Sic devices shaw promise in further probing analogue relativity models, fur example in investigating phenomena that require canny consideration o' th' proper time elapsed fur observers.

The Descent[edit]

Freshmanian Geometry[edit]

Removing brane tumours with surgery[edit]