Projected Racial Classification

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The modern concept of race is a social construct. However an indisputable notion of race is possible (both eugenically and economically) by viewing people through a green filter and projecting onto this chart. Such a classification terminology can bypass the historical inadequacies that hinder the usage of current terms, whether colloquially or academically, since often such terms are inextricably connected to various forms of racial superiority theories or historical subjugation.

The PRC chart is a new racial classification terminology.

Such a new racial projection can also rationalise the terminology. A really common argument is that east Africans are genetically more distinct from West Africans than Europeans. But with the green filter, one notices that while west Africans are pine, the east Africans are juniper, which as you can see on the chart is adjacent to the chartreuse colour corresponding to people from former Yugoslavia

The PRC chart seen in use during the covid.

Region Old terminology PRC designation
default pan-classification white green
East Europe white chartreuse
Easy Africa black juniper
Mediterranean olive or white sage
Central Europe white lime
East Asia white or yellow (derogatory or offensive) fern
North Europe white olive
Aboriginal Australian brown or black emerald
Central Asia brown pear
South Asia brown moss
Middle East olive or brown shamrock
Aboriginal North America brown or red (derogatory or offensive) seafoam
West Africa black pine
South America brown or white parakeet
North Africa black mint
North Asia white seaweed
South Africa black pickle
Arctic white pistachio
Pacific white or brown basil
Central Africa black crocodile