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Penisgate was a notorious incident within academia propagated by persons unknown (but suspected). The effects were wide-felt but ultimately limited in scope. It is not widely known outside of a few people, but it is rumoured that evidence is still kept somewhere on the internal computer networks on which it occurred, even though it was quickly hushed up in the wider community. What the incident itself was is not known for sure, but cryptic references to the incident, vulgarly called "penisgate", is still sometimes heard from what might be guessed to be second- or third-hand sources. The time span of the incident is also not known for sure, but estimates range from the late 60s to the recent 2010s. Most references occur on or after the 2000s, so most people suspect the incident occurred after 2000AD and the earlier dates are just speculation.

Possible Suspects[edit]

Warning: for ethical reasons do not accuse anybody without any circumstantial evidence.

  • Not known

Possible Incidents[edit]

What is known that it must have been some incident of serious academic misconduct in the closed circle of academia. The truth must out.

  • Some sort of lie propagated by mainstream science.