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Mohamed Ababou is an Algerian playwright, mathematician and amateur of science. He is best known for his theory of Numbers have an end and his habit of posting on the internet to promote his theory.

The Theory of Numbers have an end[edit]

Ababou is known primarily for his theory of Numbers have an end, which states primarily that infinity does not exist and that the highest possible number is the age of the universe. [1]. He claims he discovered this theory through "use of Mind + Logic", ie. he made it all up, and has been unemployed for the past few years in order to promote his theory.

On mathematics[edit]

Ababou claims that the highest possible number is the age of the universe. That is, if you were to start counting from the age of the universe up to now, the number you reach would be the highest quality you can meaningfully have. This is because "the absolute counting is time", and "the digits are inseparable from the counting". [2]

As a result of this, his version of mathematics does not support irrational numbers. Complex numbers are fine, however, as they represent "the distances between stars from the surface of the earth". [3]

Ababou also makes the argument that numbers necessarily have to represent a quantity in the universe. For example, he states "If the numbers have no end, why is there no play with an infinite number of actors?". [4]. Indeed, he has made many variations of this argument.

Ababou shows particular vitriol for the mathematicians Anaximander and John Wallis, who he believes are responsible for the "myth and illusion" of infinity. [5] He believes Isaac Newton denounced the "myth and illusion" of infinity, but those works were destroyed after his death. The International Mathematical Union is also a pet hatred of his, as they do not respond to his numerous emails.

On physics[edit]

Ababou believes that the earth has "no fixed shape", being neither flat nor spherical. [6]. He also believes that acceleration and mass are a "hoax", as "the presence of gravity and weight negate the existence of mass" and "the existence of a constant speed of light negates the existence of acceleration". [7]

On chemistry[edit]

Ababou believes that water contains "helium and decondensed oxygen" [8] , rather than hydrogen and oxygen as commonly accepted. This is because "hydrogen cannot be in something that acts as an insulator and a flame retardant". Furthermore, if water contains hydrogen, then "boiling water would lead to a massive nuclear explosion". [9]

On biology[edit]

Ababou does not support the theory of evolution. This is actually the least farfetched of his beliefs. He even wrote a book about it, although it's paywalled so I haven't read it.

Ababou claims that bacteria do not exist, as they "cannot exist in the presence of water and fire". [10]

On somnology[edit]

Ababou believes that dreams are somehow connected with the core of the earth, so a person sleeping in a physically higher place will have fewer and less vivid dreams that someone living lower down. [11]

On geography[edit]

Ababou believes that the ozone layer "does not exist". [12]

He also claims that clouds "do not come from evaporation", but rather are formed by "emissions from Jupiter and other gas giants". [13]

On psychology[edit]

Ababou fancies himself as an "amateur psychoanalyst", unsurprising given the propensity of psychologists to make shit up.

He has defined many psychological conditions such as the Georg Cantor complex (believing in the existence of infinity), the Cain complex (narcissism, egoism and hatred) and the Judas complex (false love). [14]

He believes a person should see a psychiatrist twice a year.

Online postings[edit]

Ababou known mostly because of his conduct on the internet.

He always signs his posts with -Mohamed Ababou-. It is not known exactly why he does this, although it is most likely a sign of "authenticity".



Ababou is an extreme idealist. He believes that his theory of Numbers have an end will lead to the creation of a "paradise" in which we "all become angels". [15].

To this end, Ababou decries such things as war [16], police states, dictatorial states, and nuclear weapons. [17] He does not believe in countries [18] and believes that the best economic system is the "utopian economy". [19], which is neither capitalist nor socialist. [20]


  • Mohamed Ababou is a gamer. His favourite game is "Lord of the Rings" [21] , although he has played "many different games". [22]
  • He appreciates Russian folk music, techno, and the band "Godspeed You! Black Emperor".
  • He is from Algeria, although he has an aunt in Tunisia who he has visited before.
  • He wants to travel to Europe one day, especially to Berlin (where the headquarters of the International Mathematical Union are located).
  • He collects tree leaves, and has leaves from several different countries.
  • He has a cat, although he does not have any pictures since he does not have a camera phone.
  • He has a masters degree in theatre criticism, although we are set to see any of his work. [23]
  • He supports homosexuality. [24]

Selected quotes[edit]

Do not forget everyone who died in the sinking of the Titanic all rest in peace -Mohamed Ababou-

@username Could you write this on the palm of your hand: Mind + Logic Numbers have an end Good behavior Utopia Or write on a paper: Numbers have no end + infinity symbol Then you crush this paper with your feet Choose what you want to do Or record an audio of yourself saying: The correct Mathematics is that Numbers have an end Humanity, peace and love among all is the identity of the wonderful world Do this and you will feel as if you came out of a dark cave and entered a scientific paradise (Sent whenever someone joins his discord server)


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