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Metamerism is an ancient paradox whereby two colours are the same by some magic for reasons that are not understandable by common intellects two colours are different but then they can be the same or different again depending on lighting angle other colours other peoples or something else this effects is not at all understanded by scientists even when told to a physicist who did not know hear of it before but still could not understand it why? why is the reasons for it to occur? on one arm it is explaind by the explanation that the eye can not distinguish clearly two very similar mixtures of red green blue (approximately) so small changes in all can make two different colours same but not same in reality and even two very different reds can look same because eye has red ability but it is stimulated by wide range of reds and if two reds add up together to produce the same total in the eye the eye cannot see them different even if they are different very different but are same this is not full explain though because other effect have magic on colour like light where light have different colour explosion on eye view but this is not understand because it is maybe complex materials science or light colour profile magic of expression i do not understand but nobody can explain even physicists of strings and other nonsense magic how same can be different or different by defferences of shade are different by designs but same also depending on differents of context even reverse is true where same is same even in differents but then in different is different again and is stability not so different and same is same and different in different contexts like light or person this is simply magic