Luminiferous Aether

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The Luminiferous Aether is the resultaing physics of when standard model QED interactions have Heisenberg-interact with virtual particles of the vacuum state. The vacuum has many bubbles of particles that pop into existence and then kill. But by statistical interactions and the infinite bracnch of quantum mechanics whereby particles have all paths, it is certain that some of these virtual particles will have energy kick into real particles. This "soup" of real particles is the Aether.

The aether has many properties that can have explain thus:--


Photons go into the vacuum and kick virtual particles. These can then also excite and produce photons is return. Thus light can create light and the photons can be said to be carried by the aether and thus cannot have existence without medium to wave into. This can be directly verified from Maxwell's fields:

If we assume that is isotropic, then:


where is as the above equation.

When space becaomes small then , so the above equations will cancel to form the wave equation:

and is the speed of light.