List of Suspicious Sites

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List of suspicious or undeclared Government Sites or sites of unknown origin or function.


Unnatural suspicious Sites in Himalyas
40°40'31.9"N 95°29'13.2"E - What is this? Looks like pylons, but not pylons.
40°40'31.9"N 95°29'13.2"E - Zoomed out view of previos picture. Structer extended.
40°40'31.9"N 95°29'13.2"E - Zoomed out even more of previous picture: large scale structure visible.
40°40'31.9"N 95°29'13.2"E - Much more even zoomed out picture of previus picture: Can see unknown structres A hidden in natureal tributaries of B.
A: 40°28'51.4"N 93°29'39.0"E B: 40°27'10.1"N 93°44'34.4"E - Completely unkown structures A and B. A looks like runways -- on highest point of earth. Is this not suspicious to you? Why? Who for?
40°27'10.1"N 93°44'34.4"E - Zoomed in pisture of B in previous picture: WHAT IS THIS?> Runway? Straight lines in higher dimensions.
40°28'51.4"N 93°29'39.0"E - Srange runways A abd B. Why different? Notice runway A surrounded with lihgt colored material. Buildings marked with arrows.
40°28'25.9"N 93°33'12.1"E - Conventional runway marked A. Building complexes arrowed.
A+B: 40°28'51.4"N 93°29'39.0"E C: 40°27'23.3"N 93°23'16.8"E - C complex "fed" by arrowed structures?
40°27'27.3"N 93°17'38.3"E - Massive buildings in complex. Unknown structre at bottom fewd by road and completely strange srtucture on bottom right and small unknown on top right.
A: 40°27'23.3"N 93°23'16.8"E B: 40°27'27.3"N 93°17'38.3"E - Massive build complex compared to previous mysterious site. Note large separation of distance perhaps because of dangerous nature of structures
40°24'16.8"N 93°38'12.9"E - Perfect square structure
40°25'28.0"N 90°47'34.2"E - artificial pools and potential vegetation. Possible biological breeding ground?
A: 40°28'51.4"N 93°29'39.0"E B: 40°25'28.0"N 90°47'34.2"E - Relative positions of previous runway structres at A and pool complex at B
40°28'51.4"N 93°29'39.0"E - Larger map of pool and runway structure locations