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Can we create Energy scientifically? According to science any development, is a change through research and understandings. Anything can change and alter here, nothing is eternal. If at all we agree to such a delusion of existence then it proves our willingness to not accept for any further research or moving forward in proceeding with new goals. “Energy neither is created nor destroyed” Yes, to study about such energy which is something beyond description that has no limitations and is spread everywhere like deep oceans and unfolded blue sky which has exceptional wings spread all over the universe, is an ultimate challenge to the humankind. How is a law of science a challenge to mankind? Just comprehend the fact about how our needs were a few hundred years ago and now. Heating machines are one of the best inventions of the mankind which proved the peak of our human brains. But what’s the consequence? We need a revolution now; therefore we need to start stepping ahead in terms of our belief system.

We need new machineries hence we must break the myth of what been taught has unchangeable and step in to the next phase of new understandings. Even before the inventions of steam engines, and batteries there had been innumerable exploration and research on machineries that could work permanently on perpetual motion till date. Although we have achieved immense success on massive discoveries which had been a dream, like airplanes, rockets, mobile phones and many more to say. But the question is why are we still lacking in inventing something out of the perpetual motion yet? Just think we need to learn maximum power transfer theorem from Lenz’s Law, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Faraday’s Law, Ohm’s Law, Coulomb’s Law of Electrostatics, Thevenin’s Theorem, Norton’s theorem using from which we build a plant or machinery to create electricity. In general, all the physics rules are created to know and understand the things that revolve around us. When magnets cross or while crossing a magnetic force the conductors of current is disconnect as a result. We undergo the study of above mentioned laws to learn the unit range and measure of such disconnected electricity.

Let’s assume if we had acquired zero knowledge on the theories of magnetic energy and conductors of electricity will it be possible for us to produce electricity? Maybe we need to work for hundred years yet it would be a waste of time. I have compiled necessary rules and the strategy in the book about the creation of energy and its consequences which revolves every millisecond around us, after a detailed research and examinations. This book is a result of my twenty years of sincere and dedicated experience and research I thoroughly believe that after reading the book your perspective towards the allegory on “Energy is neither created nor is destroyed” would change to “Energy can be created and could be destroyed” without a doubt.


When we use one of Nature's basic forces to act on a matter apart from the effect created by such action on the matter, the basic forces related to the matter and their subsequent energy changes by the action either create or destroy energy.

ழ = W – E

 ழ (ZHA) = Created or Destroyed Energy 
   W = Work Done 
   E = Given Energy