Distribution of peoples hypothesis

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It is stated that a theorem of distribution of peoples is uniform across local and global societies. The theorem is easily proved.

horror vacui -- "nature abhors a vacuum"

— Aristotle

If in a given place we place two people, they will naturally divide themselves into equal partitions. This will happens no matter what race, age, culture, sex, or identity they have because space is not dependent on these things. Equally, they will occupy the total space, because then otherwise a space will be left that must be in the middle between them, because we cannot state one person will act different to the other by exactly the same argument above. If there is a space in the middle, it is the same situation as before. And if we assume that the people will take space for themselves, then they must also then take this space too. Thus both people will take all the space and equally.

We naturally extrapolate. QED.

Thus, peoples MUST be divided equally across the world. The density of peoples is uniform. This also confirms what we see for ourselves.


It is hypothesized that the irregularities presented to us are a fiction. The sources of that information are the media, and state or governmental controls. We leave open the suggestion that a systematic bias is enforced from this source, for some deliberate purpose.