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The ancient civilization of Crete was active in the Minoan period and pre-dated Greek culture. It's current status, like that of all Greeks, is a pale shadow of its former glories [1]. Cretans are simple-minded and for the most part welcoming, but can be made aggressive if called a Greek since they take much pride in their own civilization and culture, which is separate (if not related) to wider Greek culture.

Place in Human Civilization[edit]



The word Cretan has become known in English as:

  • From the island of Crete.
  • A simple-minded, but honest person. Certainly not pathological liars.


  1. A. Al-abady, 2019, History of Crete: "[the modern cretans] are today nothng more than the crumbling shell of our former glory, bastardised and barbarified over the centuries from Venetians and Turks (probably a pinch of German too). The Minoans definitely were not influenced heavily by egyptians and arabs. Also modern cretans, although apparently share a decent amount of genetic material to ancient minoans, share practically no values from that era. we are today valueless."