A Purely Mathematical Model of Physical Reality

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The target of the effort is to create a model of physical reality. We want that the model is self-creating. In this way, the universe in the model owns a beginning state from which it evolves. The model must start from a suitable foundation. That foundation must be simple and easily comprehensible. The foundation must evolve into a more complicated structure with more complicated dynamic behavior. The model must support a creator's view and an observer's view. The range of progression values that belong to events that can become observable must be preceded by one or more creation events that cannot be observed but are accessible by the creator's view. Extension of the model must be restricted by the applied mathematics. After a limited number of extension steps the model must show properties and behavior that can be observed from the target of the investigation. That target is physical reality. This approach implies that physical reality applies its own mathematics and that this mathematics is quite similar to the mathematics that humans apply.

The Hilbert Book Model Project[edit]

The target is the subject of the Hilbert Book Model Project. This project is described in "A self-creating Model of Physical Reality'; [1] The initiator of the project is a retired physicist. At the age of 70, he started this project and gave it its name in 2011.

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