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The Privacy Committee handles all requests from users about their privacy on this website. We will answer all requests about what information we store and handle requests for obtaining any information on you we have and to delete it.

What is Collected

As a policy of this website, we keep little information on users of this website. What is kept is:

  • IP addresses that connect to our servers
  • Usernames, Password hashes and email addresses for registered users.

Why is it Collected

IP addresses are collected for security purposes. This is so that malicious actors can be banned by blocking their IP address. When you connect to the internet, your IP address is always visible to wherever you go. If you wish to be anonymous, use a VPN or the Tor network.

If you choose to register on this website, we are responsible for securely storing your username, password hash and email address (if provided). We do not store your password in plaintext. Access to the login database is managed by a system of permissions and passwords are hashed with PBKDF2 with a high number of rounds of hashing. Access to this website is only permitted by HTTPS using a 4096-bit RSA key.

What we do

If there is a breach of security at this website, we will notify all users and the relevant authorities within 24 hours of the breach. We will do everything possible to negate breaches of security at this website.

If you would like all the data we keep on you, please leave a message, or email us. Also contact us if you want to delete your account, which we will do within 24 hours.


Complaints about either our policy or our conduct can be officially registered at the Privacy Complaints Group.