Betasha Felix Chawaza

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Betasha Felix Chawaza is a researcher, writer and an insight inventor who was born on October 1 1995 in Bosso Local Government Area Niger State Nigeria. He is also a fashion designer since when he was a 13 year-old boy. He is a degree holder in Estate Management and Valuation from the department of Estate Management and Valuation Federal university of Technology Minna Niger State. Betasha Felix Chawaza is the founder of Chawaza Foundation Widewide a foundation know for supportive, innovative and educative activities which he founded in December 11 2019. He has written alot of research papers few listed; Financial Investment (Stocks and Shares), Basics of Year Purchase, assessment of Residential property rental variations in peri-urban areas of Minna Niger State. Chawaza have associated with scholars and politians like Prof. M.B Nuhu, Arc. Abubakar Gomna Sulaiman, Y.Y Sani, Bello Bawa Buhari etc. He is currently a football fan of Fc Barcelona and loves reading, watching football and writing. The social media account of Betasha Felix Chawaza are as follows: